8 Major Advertising Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

The marketing world is witnessing unprecedented changes, from the arrival of powerful innovations such as AI to shifting user behaviours to revolutionary collaborations. All of these have completely changed digital marketing. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, you must adapt to the newest trends which may be why you are here, curious to know about the upcoming trends. In this blog, you will find elaboration about the trends and why you should assimilate them into your business. You will also discover what’s in the store for the advertising industry. Does it have a promising future, or is it near its end? So, let’s start-


8 Advertising Trends to Shape the Future in 2024

Adaptability is the core value for making a business successful. Here is the list of advertising trends. Add them to your business to thrive.

1. Video Ads Getting Shorter

You know this is a digital age. There is too much data available on the internet. Also, users are always busy and do not like long videos. As a result, the YouTube skip button has become a dreaded fear for advertisers. The video ads are becoming too engaging, attractive, and attention-seeking; also, their duration is shortening. 

Thus, advertisers are making them unable to be skipped, thereby highly captivating. According to Facebook, this is a mobile-first world, and shorter video ads drive results here. So, to boost engagement and user retention, make video ads productive by turning them shorter and shorter.

2. Increasing Role of AI

AI can be used to generate compelling and interactive content. Research shows that an AI-powered video reach campaign earned 3.7x higher returns than manually optimised campaigns. Moreover, according to Google, 80% of advertisers already use at least one AI-powered search ad product. 

Therefore, the prevalence of AI is going to increase more and more, and It can help your brand thrive. It can also ramp up your marketing but cannot be as creative as you; it still requires human-led creativity. Using AI makes your content appealing and helps you work faster, saving a lot of your time.

3. Users Demanding Authenticity 

The behaviour of customers in the market keeps shifting. Consumers of the digital era are different from the previous ones; they demand more authenticity from the brands and believe 

more in getting views from real customers instead of taking ads at face value and making purchasing decisions.

Consumers of today are educated; therefore analyse and make comparisons before choosing any service or product. As a result, companies are carving their advertisement campaigns more and more towards authenticity. Additionally, people now have more privileges of choosing from a heap of similar products owing to severe competition.

4. Rise of Audio Ads

Audio ads are becoming popular; moreover, with the arrival of sites like Spotify and Apple Music, it is getting further widespread attention. People increasingly listen to podcasts and other audio material such as audiobooks, songs, interviews, etc. Also, audio ads are found to be more informational as well as motivational. 

Thus, they increase the customer’s purchase intent 2x, double that of display ads. Furthermore, Audio ad trends are promising as people feel confident, intelligent, and energised when they listen to audio ads. And now you know why you should assimilate audio ads into your marketing strategy.

5. Social Commerce

Here, you use your social media posts to sell any product using Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Moreover, the recent Amazon alliances with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snap are part of a tremendous move in this direction. This mingling of social media platforms with the giant e-commerce platform signifies a promising future of social commerce. 

The shopping giant will get access to the vast user base, thereby enhancing its market reach and sales; Amazon will get access to billions of daily active users of Meta. Conversely, Meta will get better engagement and more refined data, which will help it run other ads.

6. PPC Trends

Paid-per-click service seems very enticing to businesses, and more and more are adapting it into their workspace. This is an advertising trend because of the vast amount of benefits it offers. It allows businesses to get their target audience. Furthermore, it costs less than other ways of showing ads. 

With a more focused audience and cost-effective way of advertising, businesses can generate more revenue with less expense on marketing and advertising. Thus, It showcases the potential of paid-per-click services for the future.

7. Ads in Gaming

Mobile gaming has been rising impressively, and this growth has attracted giant companies and conglomerates to introduce some major modifications in their advertising and marketing campaigns. Games are now increasingly used for displaying ads and promotions. Furthermore, with a major chunk of all gaming revenue concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, it is obvious where the biggest gaming market lies. 

Thus, gaming is not only a big source of entertainment but also a massive opportunity for advertisers. Here, advertisers get the opportunity to target a more engaged and receptive consumer. As a result, companies are actively enhancing brand awareness, driving sales and creating a more positive brand image. Hence, showing ads in mobile gaming can give a massive boost to your business’s growth.

8.Death of Third-Party Cookies

The death of third-party cookies is one of the most profound advertising trends for 2024. These cookies collect user data and preferences based on which ads are shown later. However, with the rise of privacy-preserving products such as Brave browser, Cake browser, etc, and to avoid privacy concerns, Google, Apple and Firefox have decided to phase out support for third-party cookies in their browsers. 

This major development will change the way of advertising; after that, people will increasingly depend on zero-party data, which involves doing surveys, organising quizzes, etc. Thus, you need the user’s permission to get his data, or the user may give it voluntarily. Zero-party data is considered more reliable, accurate and targeted for conversions.



These trends are changing the advertising industry. It is shifting towards a more data-centric approach. Therefore, Changing consumer behaviour, the increasing role of AI, the popularity of audio ads, the trend of showing ads in gaming, and the rise of social commerce are set to transform the advertising industry in 2024. All of this gives advertisers unprecedented opportunities to capture their target audience’s attention and enrich user experience; thereby, the advertising industry’s future seems promising.

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January 23, 2024