9 B2B Digital Marketing Trends To Follow for 2024

The year 2024 has arrived, and every business and brand wants it to go lucky; they want their business to boost growth and earn a reputation. However, to realise this, you must be aware of the shifting digital marketing trends and the changing ecosystem. Adaptability and innovation are core values of a successful business. In this blog, you will find the 9 B2B digital marketing trends of 2024 and what you can do to assimilate them into your business. Furthermore, you will also know why digital marketing trends are shifting. So, let’s start-  

9 B2B Digital Marketing Trends to Thrive in 2024

Marketing is vital to your Business-to-business(B2B) company’s success. To keep stay ahead of your competition requires following these trends-

1. Understanding of Target Audience

In making any business successful, audience matters, but new innovative tools have also arrived as the competition has gone sheer. Getting a business successful, needs catering to your target audience and designing content especially for getting them engaged. You can use certain tools and their features. You can also organise surveys, conduct quizzes and online form filling. These will give you details such as age, gender, education level, behaviours and preferences, job titles and pain points. All of this can help you to curate highly prioritised content. In an annual survey of 1200 marketers, Hubspot found that just 42% of them know the basic demographic information such as name, location and gender about their target audience.

2. Using AI

AI can do everything from developing text-based content to making 3D images, designing creative videos, and creating musical tones effectively. Moreover, its participation saves time and adds value to the content. This digital marketing trend will shape much of the future, especially after Google accepts AI for generating content. However, it called for adding the human touch to make it qualitative as well as engaging. Thus, the usage of AI for digital marketing makes advertisers’ work easy and valuable.

3. Customer Demands Authenticity

Today’s consumer has turned intelligent and sane owing to the availability of huge amounts of content on the web and shifting user behaviours. People demand authenticity from brands; they want brands to produce human-centric content. Moreover, they value local customers’ experiences more than what companies show them about their products. Thus, the traditional days of companies when they did not like to give much value to the customer behaviours have faded into oblivion; instead they rely more on branding of their products and services.

4. Automation Marketing

It is vital to assimilate automation marketing in sheer competition to enhance productivity. You must use it to send promotional messages, engaging email newsletters, and social media posts. It enhances customer user experience, keeps them engaged and helps you to maintain long relationships with the leads. As a result, many advertising companies are increasingly shifting to using automated marketing strategies. Thus, you can witness a huge change using automation marketing software and tools provided you do not follow the set-to-forget approach and keep updating regularly; otherwise, you lose more than you gain.

5. Data Privacy

The next digital marketing trend for 2024 is securing your client’s data. The big browsers such as Google, Firefox and Apple are considering banning third-party cookies, and the social media giant Facebook is facing scrutiny on how they handle their data protection. Furthermore, users are increasingly looking for SSL certificates before using any website. So, in 2024, secure your client’s data by getting SSL certificates, updating softwares regularly and scanning your websites daily to find issues.

6. Voice Search Optimisation

With the prevalence of AI chatbots such as Alexa and Google chatbots, voice search is increasing. As of 2023, there are 4.2 billion active voice assistant devices in use, and in 2024, they will double to 8.4 billion, according to Statista. Voice searches use long-tailed keywords and natural language, and businesses increasingly include them in their SEO strategies. Hence, adapt a voice assistant feature on your website for smooth voice search. Voice search optimisation helps you get more traffic and improves user experience.

7. Making Video Shorter And Shorter

The trend of short videos is booming, and people are watching them in prolific amounts. Owing to the huge amount of content on the internet, the scales of competition and people’s preferences have risen. Therefore, advertisers are making videos shorter and shorter but also making them engaging, appealing and more captivating. This digital marketing trend can help you drive more conversions. Thus, making captivating short video ads can tilt the scales of your business in your favour.

8. Personalised Advertisement

One of the B2B trends that is not going anywhere is personalised advertisement. Therefore, collecting and keeping your prospective client’s data has become important; it helps drive more sales and assists the leads in making decisions. Sending personalised emails, promotional messages, and social media posts attracts viewers’ attention and allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. This way of reaching clients is also known as account-based marketing.

9. User-generated content

User-generated content is original, created by customers and published on social media and other channels. It comes in many forms, including images, reviews, comments, videos and testimonials. Customers consider user-generated content more authentic and reliable than the content developed by brands or businesses. Furthermore, the content generated by users enhances your website’s trust, reputation and traffic. Thus, ask your customers to leave a review for your products, as it will help you build trust and boost sales.  


This is the internet era; the world is evolving, and trends are shifting. The digital marketing world is also not behind. The B2B digital marketing trends for 2024 are understanding of target audience, usage of AI, introducing more authenticity in content, using automation marketing, enhancing security and much more. Hence, these trends are important to follow in 2024 to boost business growth, drive sales and enhance reputation. To stay ahead in this competitive world, you need someone’s guidance, expertise and years of experience. Get in touch with Rankingeek, who retains specialised teams to spark your business growth. Contact us.
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