AI in E-commerce: Software, Tools and Strategies

A tornado of technical advances has changed user behaviours, preferences and interests. Customers worldwide are now demanding customer-centric products and business policies. Moreover, they now believe more in user-generated content such as Comments, reviews and testimonials rather than banking on the information given by companies for their brands. 

The use of AI in E-commerce has become a need of the evolving world as it makes doing work easier and, at the same time, adds value, making it appealing. Therefore, In this blog, you will find the strategies needed to include AI in your ecommerce business. Moreover, the software & tools have the potential to handle your E-commerce business.

Top Strategies to Use AI in E-Commerce

AI harbours the power to transform the scales of your business by boosting your sales and giving customers a good user experience. Here are the top strategies which can help you stand out of the overly crowded competitive market.

1. Find Your Brand Name

The name of a brand is utterly crucial for any online business; having an appropriate name assists you in displaying your product’s uniqueness and enhances the trust and reputation of your business, thereby empowering it to boost sales and increase productivity.

After starting a business, the most usual thing to do is to choose a brand name. It is an exciting as well as a troublesome task. However, AI chatbots such as ChatGPT can come in handy; just tell it exactly what kind of name you want. You will be flooded with suggestions of names.

2. Create an Attractive Description

In online business, the description of your product performs a significant role in deciding whether the customer will buy it or not. Thereby, a compelling description can change the trajectory of your business. Sometimes, it’s not about the product; it’s about the way of presenting to the user the qualities your product entails.

Instead of taking hours to write an appealing description, give an effective prompt to ChatGPT, mentioning every relevant detail about your product and it will curate for you the exact compelling description for what you were looking for.

3. Make Product Inserts

What can be a better way to encourage customers to leave a review, share contact details and the links to your social media accounts, or thank a customer for purchasing your product? Yes, product inserts can do all of this.

It is a printed marketing material which sellers include in their packages.ChatGPT can help you here to frame positive, persuasive and thanksgiving product inserts, giving it an effective prompt to get a response. Still, if you feel unsatisfied, prompt it again to get the response you desire.

4. AI Shopping Assistant Chatbot

Conversation plays a vital part in delivering growth and boosting business sales. Virtual Shopping assistant is a chatbot which helps users find the exact product they are looking for. It makes your e-commerce website customer-friendly by giving a human-like touch to your customers. 

Moreover, the shopping assistant AI chatbot can be used to analyse customer behaviours and expedite the purchase process. It can interact with various users at the same time compared to live chats humans do. Thus, add a shopping assistant chatbot to your website.

5. Writing Emails to Suppliers

Being clear while at the same time detailing everything you need can be quite a tricky task. Or What if there is a language barrier between you and your supplier? It sounds uneasy. Right? Persuasive or formal email letters are the usual needs of a business. 

Instead of giving a lot of time to crafting emails for suppliers, just give a prompt to ChatGPT and get the email as per your expectations. Thus, generative AI in E-commerce has proved valuable as well as productive.

Software & Tools to Drive Sales in Ecommerce for 2024

Here are the top tools and softwares to use in your E-commerce other than Generative AI. Use them to transform your Ecommerce business and drive sales like never before.

1. Revealbot

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to optimise your ad strategies, then Revealbot may come in handy. It can help to simplify the automation of your ad campaigns running on widely known platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Instagram. It offers insights into performance and helps you find the areas where you need improvement. Thus, with effective marketing, you get more growth.

2. Search IQ

It is an AI-powered search and discovery platform that assists online businesses in showing relevant search results and personalised recommendations. It makes finding your content fast and easy. Moreover, it boosts engagement and drives your ROI, which results in enhanced sales and better customer experience. Thus, find what your users want by using Search IQ.

3. DataHawk

DataHawk is an ecommerce analytics and optimisation platform, using which businesses can track their progress on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. The software aims to increase business productivity, boost sales and empower e-commerce businesses to make informed decisions using critical insights provided by DataHawk.

4. Jasper

In case you do not want to use ChatGPT, you can use Jasper, which is also an AI-powered content generation tool, using which you can frame appealing blog descriptions, blog posts and other marketing material to catalyse sales and engagement. However, Jasper is better than ChatGPT as it offers a more guided experience.

5. RetentionX

It is an AI-powered platform which collects and analyses data for ecommerce businesses and provides them insights so that they can make effective and informed decisions. Retention AI recognises behaviour patterns, consumer interest and preferences. Furthermore, it forecasts what you should do next. Thus, using it, you can win your customers more easily.


Use the capabilities of generative AI to get suggestions for an attractive brand name, create appealing product descriptions, write persuasive emails to suppliers, craft product inserts and lastly, address the needs and requirements of your customers. 

The specialised AI tools such as Jasper, Revealbot, SearchIQ, RetentionX and DataHawk are focused on helping you drive more sales, increase business productivity, enhance customer engagement and refine the experience of your user. Thereby boosting revenue and making your business big. Hence, AI in E-commerce is a positive transition.

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