Content Is King: Learn How to Use AI Prompt in 2024

AI has revolutionised the digital world, impacting everything from creating musical tones using algorithms to developing deepfake videos. Major business and website owners use AI to generate content for their audiences. But most of them don’t get accurate results from their questions, and many don’t even know how to ask questions or simply do not know how to generate an accurate AI prompt to get the answer, which soothes their curiosity. 

Remember, adapting to the changing world and shifting to different ways of creating content is the rule of life; otherwise, you will be outplaced or ignored. Yes, to survive, conform to Darwin’s principles. Thus, always keep yourself aware of new software and tools. In this blog, you will learn how to generate top-quality content using effective AI prompts.

7 Best Prompt Engineering Techniques and Practices for 2024

Generating a question or query for an adequate response from AI takes your skills and way of putting well-architectured AI prompts. Here are the best practices and tips:

1. Awareness of Project

Give AI the outline of your project. Inform it about your target audience and the purpose of your project, give details about styling and format, and demand the qualities or mentions you desire in your project after sharing every tiny but important detail. Remember, AI behaves as an artist, it will do only that much you command. So, your explanation should be clear and easy to understand. The more you tell AI about your project, the better you get chances of getting the desired response.

2. Develop Skills

AI is a revolutionary and smart technology, but it does not mean it can read your mind. In this, probably a lot of time is left. It will help if you are specific when detailing something. You shall elaborate on everything related to your topic. But for this, you should be sure of what you want. However, AI can make mistakes as it is under development. Therefore, if you do not get an adequate response from AI, you should have the skills to ask the same thing but in a different way. Many people have started hiring engineers for it. They use AI prompt engineering techniques to get the exact response from AI. Remember, You can generate top-quality content using AI; it is the most effective way of using it.

3. Train AI

AI have systems or programs that can learn from experience and, in consequence, be able to introduce a change in themselves. Therefore, whenever you get a response from AI per your expectations, please give it a thumbs up and praise the action. It will save your expectations, and next time, it will give you an answer based on them. AI also can rewrite your content in different styles. For example- if you command AI to apply Shakespeare’s writing style or adopt the writing style of Rudyard Kipling, it will write like them. You can even instruct ChatGPT to write in your style, but for this, you have to share some of your best writings with it.

4. Share Context & Rules

What about sharing the questions related to why, such as why do you want to develop the project? Why do you want this type of content in your project? Moreover, what is the motive of your company and future expectations of your company? Also, never forget to mention what you do not want to see in your project, such as any particular type of content, any particular format, etc. Furthermore, never forget to tell AI your demarcations. Thus, sharing your context would give a precise idea to ChatGPT of what you really want.

5. Ask ChatGPT to Generate Prompts

Yes! You can even use ChatGPT to generate prompts by using reverse engineering, meaning first you make your content and then ask AI to provide an adequate prompt. You can also search the internet for prompt guidance related to particular topics and then experiment with them in AI to get what you expect. However, it would be helpful if you do it on your own without taking anybody’s help, as in the long run, you find your skills polished. ChatGPT has simplified the area of literature and content writing; however, at the same time, it preserves the potential to extort jobs from these fields.

6. Focus on Word Length

Always keep your text simple and concise; say more to ChatGPT using as few words as you can. It has a Prompt limit of around 500 words to save the system from overloading. However, it can be extended by using its premium services. Therefore, you need to be a little more specific and avoid unnecessary words. If you use extremely long sentences, then you can never get the wanting response. Now, you can assess why many companies are hiring prompt engineers to do this work, where skills play a determining role.

7. Output Examples

Still, if you are not able to get the response that you expect from ChatGPT, you can give adequate and elaborative examples to it. Mention in your example the type of content you want or the specificities you desire that your article/blog should have. Specify the format, the tone, the type of style you covet, the method of conveying information, the kind of words you want and lastly, also put in your example the vibes you like to see. Thus, ChatGPT would effectively understand by judging your example, and produce the exact piece of writing which you are looking for. However, this tip should be used at the very least because generating an effective example can take a toll on your time.


The use of AI for producing and developing content can vigorously assist you in boosting the engagement and productivity of your content. However, to do this, You must know how to use it for 2024. Content is king; therefore, it should look engaging and be worthy of boosting sales. Although AI can make mistakes, you always need human expertise to cross-check it. If you need any support or expertise, you may rely on Rankingeek, a forerunner and pioneer in providing digital services. Contact us today!

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