How to Incorporate AI Chat and Software into Your SEO Workflow?

The way to incorporate AI chat and software into your SEO workflow is by involving it in the implementation of technical SEO, On-page SEO, and off-page SEO, as well as in the analysis and organisation of data. In this blog, you will find detailed information and the best ways to include AI into an SEO workflow, and you will also find the five AI-based tools to increase your business growth and productivity. The use of AI and the software makes your work easy and empowers you by saving time, money and energy.


The Best Ways to Include AI and Software into Your SEO Workflow

Here are some types of SEOs, and we will cover each of them one by one and know how AI impacts-

1. AI in Content SEO

Content is king, and there is no better way to create it in less time than using the help of AI Chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing; you can get content of any type according to your specified terms and conditions. You just have to convey it to any AI chatbot in an elaborate way so that it can easily understand what you are demanding.

Tell it everything about your piece, such as why you want in your content such specifications. What is your purpose behind it? What is the reading level of your audience and the ideas you want to see in it, etc? However, please do not ask the ChatGPT anything about the current events after 2021 as it is updated up to 2021 only. But you can use Bard and Bing for that purpose.

2. AI for Local SEO 

When it comes to targeting local users, AI is not behind. It can be used by businesses in analysing vast sizes of data related to customers, thereby allowing businesses to know the user intent and demands effectively.

Moreover, the trend of voice search and chatbots is ramping up, thus giving you the opportunity to use AI to find suggestions for long-tailed keywords based on natural language. The keywords for every area are not the same; they are a little different. Moreover, artificial intelligence can be used to find gaps in the strategies of your competitors. It has the power to analyse their content.

3. AI in Technical SEO

This is one of the best AI can do for you. It can analyse your site performance, automatically generate XML sitemaps, and identify and monitor technical errors such as broken internal links, duplicate content, incorrect schema markup, etc. Furthermore, it can analyse site architecture, its friendliness with mobile, its ability to crawl and indexability. 

It can even tell you the methods and practices of SEO that your competitors use. Thus, using it for Technical SEO can greatly boost the performance of websites and alert in advance if any mishap is going on. Otherwise, you may be taking a lot of time to find the fatal lackings and mistakes.

4. AI in Off-Page SEO

You can use AI-based software to find out potential backlink opportunities, monitor the quality of your backlinks, and point out spammy backlinks. They can also provide rich data on your competitor’s building strategies, helping you to make effective and impactful actions. 

Furthermore, you can use them to get the remarkable ability to generate top-quality content, which you can harness to write convincing emails for social media outreach. Also, you can utilise it for creating top-content for your guest posts.

Off-page is the efforts you make outside your website to increase its SEO score and attract traffic. It involves social media outreach, link building, getting in touch with influencers, getting reviews and performing guest blogging. All of this can be done with the help of AI more easily and effectively.

5. AI for On-page SEO

As the name signifies, it is totally different from off-page SEO. Here, you optimise web page content for users and search engines. It involves applying suitable keywords, posting content as per EEAT guidelines, improving page loading speed, enriching user experience by designing websites qualitatively and getting enhanced CTR and bounce rates.

AI can be used to generate quality keywords and engaging content; thereby, you will get an increasing CTR and bounce rate. Thus, AI is a revolutionising tool, making the way of doing work easier. To get ahead of the competition, you must use this innovation, as it gives you leverage to get content on anything without much delay.


Five AI-Based Tools and Software to Improve Your Productivity.

These tools retain the potential to spark your business productivity and sales. Freelance content writers, bloggers, businesses, and enterprises can exploit them actively to shine as well as to dominate their fields. 


  1. Jasper AI- It is an AI writing tool using which you develop blog posts, product descriptions, marketing copies, and much more. One of its unique features is Jasper Brand Voice, which ensures that the company’s brand identity, tone, and style align with all created content.
  2. Surfer SEO – It is a highly beneficial tool that every successful business possesses. It can be used for SEO optimisation and content creation. Therefore, drive more traffic and improve your site rankings.
  3. Alli AI- This tool allows you to automate your SEO efforts. Moreover, all of your SEO tasks can be managed from a dashboard. Thus, not only it saves your time and energy but also your money.
  4. Market Brew- It works like a search engine. You can use it to manage and analyse vast amounts of data. You can find it user-friendly. Moreover, this tool is better for agencies and businesses of all sizes.
  5. Keyword Insights- Keyword Insights is an AI SEO tool that helps you find, research, and plan suitable keywords for your marketing strategy; using it, you can create thousands of keyword ideas, make clusters, and create content effortlessly using AI.



Incorporation of AI chat and software in SEO workflow is very crucial as it gives you an edge over your competitors, makes your content qualitative, Improves your user experience, enhances traffic on your website, helps you identify technical errors and, lastly, improves your SEO score. Using AI is nothing less than an art, it takes a lot of time to generate effective prompts which can give desired results. 

Consequently, many big companies are hiring prompt engineers. However, you need not worry; developing top-quality content and implementing SEO requires someone who has expertise, experience and specialised teams to make your work easier. Get in touch with Rankingeek. Contact us today!

January 19, 2024