How to Use Google Bard: Top 10 Helpful Ways for 2024

Google Bard can be used as a generative ai for producing compelling email newsletters, blog posts, social media captions, video scripts, ad copy, and much more. Thus, effective use of Bard can ease the way of working and help individuals add more value to their work. Businesses are actively using it to add productivity to their work. 

Remember, Google Bard is an AI-powered chatbot that works similarly to ChatGPT in generating texts for human searches and queries. However, it is trained on Google’s LLM (Large Language Model), known as LaMDA. This blog will teach you how to use Google Bard effectively and the top ten helpful ways for 2024. Let’s dive in –

How to Access Google Bard Effectively?

To access Google Bard, go to, then sign up or log in with your Google account; you will see a message box; type your query there, and Bard will start working on it. Read it and register your response by liking or disliking it. Now, ask whatever you want to, generate content you like, and find all the answers. 

ChatGPT responds using data up to 2021, but Bard gives answers using its search engine data. Therefore, feel free to ask anything. But keep in mind that it may give you inaccurate and wrong answers. Consequently, you must only partially bank on it.

Top Ten Helpful Ways to Use Google Bard

Find the latest information anywhere using Bard, as its presence has gone worldwide, available in more than 230 countries and territories and more than 40 languages. Here are ten helpful ways to use it up to its optimal level-

1. Generate Creative Content

Here is someone who can help you to generate quality content. Use Bard to create compelling stories, impactful blogs, effective email drafts, and high-scoring essays. Not only this, you can even use it to generate beautiful poems, pleasant songs, movie plotlines, and video scripts. 

There is a lot of creative content you can discover. Using it for business can help you shine, but using it to enhance your creative skills is like finding your other self. Hence, add fun by using it for your business or boosting productivity.

2. Get Keywords

A perfect SEO is much more than applying rightful keywords. However, these magical words play a determining role in ranking your content and increasing its visibility. Thereby, the relevance of keywords cannot be denied. And what could be better than using Bard to help you find the appropriate ones? They are also helpful in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

To get effective and impactful keywords, ask Google Bard to generate a list by describing the relevant topic in an elaborate and precise way. Hence, you can get impactful and impressive keyword ideas from Google Bard.

3. Trip Planning

If you are planning to go somewhere and want someone as a guide who can tell you the best places to visit, or you need a trip planner, then why don’t you try Bard? It will surely help you. Just elaborate on your trip. You will see it giving an itinerary with attractive images and organised information. 

As we know, the information provided by the bard can be wrong and, therefore, needs human help. However, it is a great way to get ideas and information about a place you have yet to visit. You can share it with your friends and family for fun. Hence, it can effectively make your trip attractive and comprehensive.

4. Local Information with Precise Location

If you want to get details or information about your nearby local restaurants, shops, local businesses, and other outlets, Bard can help you a lot. It can give you the latest information based on your precise location.

For this, go to Google Bard; you will see your city name at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on update location and allow it access to use your location. After that, click on use precise location in the about this information window, and here you go. Now, you can use it to get information about your nearby sites and activities. Hence, Bard allows you to obtain information related to your nearby location.

5. Get Summary

Suppose someone gives you a lot of content to read, but you don’t have time. Or you come across an article that is challenging to understand. What will you do? Here, Bard comes to your rescue. Ask Bard to create a summary page of this material. It helps you make content more accessible and understandable.

Furthermore, you get the crux of the material in a simplified way. Hence, Google Bard can be used to generate easy-to-read summaries of esoteric or elite content. Moreover, it saves a lot of time and makes you more productive.

6. Analyse Images and Create Content

One of the most exciting things you can do using Google Bard is give it a photo and elaborate on the context; it will create appealing content by analysing the whole picture, judging its visual elements, and identifying key features.

You can also use it to generate captions for your images. Interestingly, here, Bard registers a win over ChatGPT; it creates better because it is more proficient in storytelling. Hence, upload your visual content, build your stories, or get exciting captions.

7. Help You Contemplate

Google Bard helps you in brainstorming. It can be used to find as well as improve new ideas. It also makes you better at organising your thoughts. You can take suggestions as well as guidance from different perspectives and viewpoints. You can also look at something by following various approaches. Thus, it helps you filter or refine your thoughts. It also makes you aware of the opportunities and challenges you might face. 

Moreover, it summarises your thoughts and ideas and helps you organise. Some people use it to get feedback or review after they decide on something. Thus, if you need help with your idea, you can try Bard but don’t trust it unquestioningly.

8. Generating Compelling Ad Copy

This last way helps you significantly elevate your business; therefore, it should not be overlooked. An ad copy entices customers to click on your ads and engages them with your business. But creating it requires good writing skills, and what if you don’t have one? Don’t worry; use Bard to generate appealing lines.

Copywriters can also use this when they feel stuck on ad copy ideas. Just give it your precise topic, and you will see a list of ideas. Now, create appealing, relevant, and compelling content for ad copy and boost your business growth.


Google Bard can be used to make human work more accessible and appealing. You can make your work productive by getting keywords for SEO, generating creative content, planning a trip, using images for making textual content, making compelling ad copy, and, lastly, helping you organise your thoughts. It is also beneficial for doing a Google search using your precise location. 

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