Top Social Media Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2024

Social media is the most effective platform to connect with potential customers. But running a business here can be challenging. It requires sheer hard work, motivation, dedication and persistence. Therefore, it is no wonder then that many businesses struggle to compete against the top social media players. This blog will find top social media strategies to ace your competition. Also, the top mistakes you should avoid and the ways to make content viral. So, let’s start-  

Top Social Media Strategies to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Use these strategies to beat your competitors and get success on social media. These will also help you to enhance your business and your ability to make sales-

1. Brand Audit

It means looking at your business from the eyes of customers. It is knowing where your business stands compared to your competitors. The brand audit entails analysing web analytics, assessing data accuracy, checking navigation errors, and looking at marketing materials, sales data, and customer communications. Basically, a brand audit will determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and it also tells you where your business stands. And hence help you implement correct strategies.

2. Content Creation with AI

To outpace the competition, it is vital you use AI in generating content. It makes your work creative and appealing and saves a lot of your time. AI can be used not only to develop textual content but also to generate quality 3d images, real-like videos, musical tones, etc. Hence, using AI-driven software gives you an edge over your competitors. However, never forget to add human creativity, which refines and adds more value to it.

3. Know Your Audience

Nothing better than knowing the behaviours, preferences and mindset of your users; therefore, find your target audiences. Do surveys, perform interviews, take user tests, check your customer reviews and read comments; these activities give you a lot of information. Moreover, take a look at the insights and analytics. You get to know the gender, demographics, interests, etc. Also, never forget to check your most viral content and find out the reason why it went viral.

4. Don’t Just Sell; Build Relationships

The most successful businesses are made on trust and reputation, they do not just sell but build relationships. Remember, the more you try to sell your product aggressively, the more customers you will lose. Decide whether you want to become a salesperson or a successful business person. Provide the content and quality for which your customers are looking for. Try helping your customer rather than selling.

5. Analyse Your Competitor’s Strategy

It is one of the best things to do, find how your competitors engage with the audience and also find and analyse all the related data which can help you find the secret of your competitor’s success. Furthermore, also pay attention to what he is not doing or where he is lacking. Once you find his strategy, it will give you a major boost in getting ahead of the competition. The most vital thing to do is pay attention to the most viral video, the timing of posting content, study demographics, pay attention to follower growth, and lastly, identify the way of making connections.

6. Create Compelling Content

Nothing matches and comes near to you if your content is of very high quality. In other words, if you give content which is either unique or very engaging owing to the assimilation of top quality images, most relevant information, attractive video and superior quality textual content. Remember, visuals speak louder than words. The creation of compelling content combined with the strategies mentioned above acts as an elixir in ranking you high above your competitors.  

What Are The Top Mistakes You Should Avoid?

Knowing strategies to stay ahead of the competition is important, but what is essential is to know the mistakes. Here are some of the major mistakes-
  • Ignoring data or lack of sufficient data
  • Posting irrelevant content or being careless
  • Posting Boring Content
  • Being impersonal towards your customers
  • Lacking transparency in business
  • Providing Outdated Content
  • Overlooking Negative Feedback
  • Favouring Quantity over Quality
  • Ignoring your Competitors
So, avoid these social media mistakes to get better results from your content in 2024, and you may find a sharp difference in how your social media efforts perform. Now, you are informed of the top social media strategies and mistakes. Hence, you can frame your social media campaign with confidence, but before that, let’s glance at the top ways to make content viral.  

Top Ways to Make Content Viral

The competition on the internet is high. Still, everyone wants their content to be viral. However, it takes time, effort and willingness to experiment. Unless you are extremely fortunate and succeed overnight, you must work hard. Here are the top proven ways to make your content viral-
  • Mention keywords in your hashtags, descriptions and title
  • Find the Best time to post
  • Make an emotional connection
  • Find the trend and be on top of it
  • Posting content daily and consistently
  • Getting help from influencers
  • Focus on Specific niche
Always remember that success on social media is a journey, not a destination. No matter how many challenges, you should have discipline and a consistent approach to take them all. Following these ways, there are higher chances you may get viral. However, getting viral also needs luck.  


The social media strategies to shine amid this high competition are doing brand audits, using AI for content creation, knowing your audience effectively, building long-lasting relationships with your customers, analysing your competitors’ strategies and creating engaging and appealing content. However, just following these strategies is not sufficient; you must be cautious of your mistakes and know how to make content viral. Still, if you want to go a step ahead in enhancing the visibility of your business, you should do it under the guidance of someone who has expertise and years of experience in this field. Get in touch with Rankingeek, Contact us today!
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