What Are Facebook Lead Ads and How to Make the Best Ones?

Getting in touch with people is an art, especially in a business that requires building unbreakable relationships based on trust and need. A successful business always takes care of its customers. It also keeps prospective customers’ data to alert them when discounts are offered or before the launch of any new product. Using Facebook to do all of this may be the best option.

Using lead ad services, businesses can get details of interested persons and other helpful relevant information. As per Statista, 5.3 billion people use mobile phones, which is 65.7 percent of the world’s population. Furthermore, 4.95 billion people are social media users, which signals the potential social media entails for showing ads. In this blog, we will find out how Facebook lead ads can change the scale of your business and how you can use them effectively.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are a convenient and interesting way of informing customers and getting prospective customers’ contact details. The data can also be used to send newsletters, promotional emails, and messages. Lead Ads are a type of promoted form. Users get in touch after watching the ad post by tapping on it. After that, a new prefilled form using the details of your Facebook profile appears. Name, email address, phone number, etc., are some details the form will seek.

The submission of this data empowers your business. According to a report from Wordstream, the average conversion of Facebook leads ads is 9.11 percent. Moreover, Facebook is a company built on people’s networks; it follows a user-centric policy, allowing your business to grow fast.

Traditional Ads Vs Facebook Lead Ads

In the traditional lead generation conversion path, users saw a post on Facebook. Then, after clicking on it, they were redirected to a third-party website wherein a detailed form was offered to them to be filled out. This way of promotion was uneasy and came with comparatively very few conversions. Moreover, the difficulties were annoying and frustrating when they found the third-party site not working.

The process was costly for Facebook as it reduced its revenue and engagement level because its users were being redirected to other platforms. The traditional way was also not good for the customers who have little interest as they would likely not click on that link. Conversely, facebook lead ads are very effective, attractive, and convenient to users and businesses. The users will get all the details prefilled. Thus, they are just one tap away from conveying their interest. This is the core reason why Facebook lead ads drive more conversions.

Why Use Facebook Lead Ads?

We must look at its benefits to decide about using anything. Therefore, here are some of the benefits you can avail using Facebook lead ads-

1. Optimised for Mobile

As per Facebook, mobile phones have become integral to our lives. Moreover, filling out forms using a mobile device is tedious; it takes lots of our time. Facebook found that filling forms on mobile takes 40 percent longer than filling them on a desktop. Furthermore, mobile users account for 88 per cent of Facebook shares; as a result, more sales and conversions can be affected.

2. Data Collection Is Easier

Collecting data of your loyal and potential customers is easy and comfortable; you do not need to redirect to any other website, nor do you need much of their time. They can even provide their details or fill out the form when they are on the move. Hence, data collection is easier and simpler.

3. Getting Target Audience

You can get a refined or precise audience related to your niche and business using Facebook lead ads. It also gives you access to your customers based on geographical demographics, preferences and interests. For a business, a curious or loyal audience is of utmost importance; they can help a business thrive and touch the skies.

4. Affordable Advertising

Making and posting ads using Facebook’s lead ads service is affordable. Facebook ad services are more directed towards the targeted audience of businesses, allowing businesses to spend more on ads, as they can target their audience effectively by giving a low burden to their pocket.

How Do You Make Effective Facebook Lead Ads?

An effective Facebook ad retains the potential to turn valuable conversions. Here are some tips to make your Facebook ads enchanting.

A. Make Ad Copy Compelling

Your ad copy should be eye-catching, compelling, and informative. At the same time, it should convey your brand tone or messaging. Remember, it is the first thing your user’s eyes catch onto. Making an ad copy creative is an art that needs a deep understanding of the audience, clarity about your brand motto and writing skills.

B. Stunning Visuals

Visuals of content say a lot; they should be impactful and soothing to the eyes. The images you use should be of high quality. Avoid poor-quality images, as they may spoil all of your efforts. In marketing, the more visible your product is, the more chances you have to sell it. Thus, keep your images stunning.

C. Right Audience 

Facebook offers multiple options to target your specific audience; there are three primary audience types-

  • People near you – As the name signifies, people near you can be targeted and informed about your stores.
  • Lookalike Audiences – They are the people whose behaviours and preferences match your existing customers.
  • Custom audience – The defined group of people who have interacted with your business by visiting your website.

D. Keep Your Form Simple

You can ask many questions and seek details about your potential customers, but the more questions and details you ask, the more likely users will not fill out your form. Therefore, keep the form simple and ask for as little information as possible. Remember, you can take other relevant information later by contacting via email address and phone number.


Facebook lead ads are a convenient way of doing business; they retain the potential to skyrocket your business growth. Facebook lead ads make data collection easier, create more conversions, give you a targeted audience, and help you boost your business growth. However, you will need the right audience, strategies, and content to make the ad effective. Need assistance in creating Facebook lead ads, get in touch with us. Contact Rankingeek today!

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