What Is Google Shopping Ad? How Can It Boost Your Business?

You lose a major chunk of revenue if you run a business without posting Google shopping ads. Every major business and successful entrepreneur uses them to boost sales and increase revenue. Now, what are Google shopping ads? The shopping products a user sees after a simple Google search are Google shopping ads or a type of ad that showcases detailed information about specific products businesses sell.

Google shopping ads are better than other kinds of ads because here you give less money for effective advertisement that is specific to the target audience. Hence giving you more opportunities for enhancing sales. Here, in this blog, you will learn about how Google shopping ads work and the types of benefits they entail; you will also know the process of generating Google shopping ads. And how to create an effective Google shopping ad?

How Do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Google Shopping is an advertising service introduced in 2012. It is based on two platforms: Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads. Using Google merchant centre service, you can easily instil all the product details, starting from the product title, description, and other details. Google Ads service will use all of these details to show your product. It will autonomously decide the keywords and timing to show your product.
This way of showing ads differs from other Google ads services because you do not have to mention keywords here. The giant decides everything on its own. Additionally, you will pay based on your CTR. Meaning it is a paid-per-click service. Here is how Google shopping ads work-

  • You create your Google merchant centre account.
  • Fills product feed and initiates ad campaigns.
  • Users search for your products.
  • Google creates the ads using your product feed and shows them to customer
  • Customer sees your ad and, by clicking on it arrives on your page
  • You are charged for a click, and the customer buys your product

Why Should You Try Google Shopping Ads?

What can be better for a business than something that catalyses its sales process or does better conversions? There is a list of benefits it offers. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Universal Reach

Most people use Google not only for surfing but also for buying products. The reach of the giant is universal, and nothing better than getting potential customers from around the world. It also enhances your chances of getting more conversions; the bigger the market, the better it is for businesses. Furthermore, if you know the right ways of doing business, nothing can stop you from turning your small business into a giant corporation.

2. Sane Advertising

In other types of ads, you have to pay more, and even then, you find a less targeted or interested audience, giving you fewer conversions. In Google shopping ads, the model of cost per click prevails, and your ads are specifically shown to your target audience based on data instilled in the product feed. Negative keywords can further refine it. Thus, Google shows your ads to users interested in your product or inclined to conversion.

3. Adaptability and Scalability

Using your product feed, you can change or modify the ads, offer discounts, introduce offers, and add more details. Hence, it offers adaptability to change or modify ads whenever you want. It also gives your ecommerce business the ability to scale. So, Google shopping ads possess almost everything an accelerating business needs: a larger audience, proper marketing infrastructure, and adaptability.

How to Create an Engaging Google Shopping Ad?

To get ahead of the competition, you have to perform perfectly and here is the list of tips you need to ace your competition.

1. Well-Optimised Product Feed

Optimising product feed is utterly crucial. You must fill in all the related information about your product in an organised way. Google uses data from the feed to advertise, so whatever you want to tell about your product, mention it in the product feed.

Furthermore, instil a high-quality image of your product, provide an eye-catching title, give an elaborate and attractive description and try to incorporate engaging videos. Also, never forget to mention accurate and detailed information and competitive prices.

2. Optimise the Campaign Structure

Running the same bid over all of your products is not sane, and it costs you a lot and gives you lower conversions. Every product has its own profit margins, conversion rate and different demands.

Remember, advertisement here is based on cost per click, meaning you pay per click of the user. Therefore, if a user arrives on your product page and does not buy, it will cost you dearly. Thus, segregate your products, form groups, and bid differently for every group. Find your winners and losers.

3. Add Negative Keywords

You cannot add keywords for Google shopping ads; all you can do is add detailed information about your product in the product feed. After that, Google shows it based on its relevance. It also means the search engine can show your product in the list of similar products and will charge you a cost per click.

This means your product is vulnerable to the click of an uninterested person, thereby costing you for no reason. We can add negative keywords to avoid this situation, which filters out irrelevant searches. Thus, regularly review search terms for your product and find irrelevant ones to add in negative keywords.

4. Use A/B Testing

If you feel that you know your audience’s mindset and preferences very well and therefore can predict their behaviour, then there are higher chances you may lose. Before trying something new, use A/B testing, as you can’t predict which image of your product has the potential to attract the masses.

It is a method of testing two different versions of campaigns or ads to realise who performs best. You can run tests on Google ads’ experiments’ section and other third-party tools. There is no determined rule for how long it will take to show results. The length of time depends on the target audience and your budget. If your budget is high, you can get it done quickly, but if it is low, you must give it more time to get accurate results.


Google shopping optimisation entails enhancing conversion rates, increasing brand recognition, getting a more targeted audience and attaining more traffic and access to the world market. Moreover, its advertisement model is very convenient, wherein you pay only for the targeted audience. Thus, the scale and growth of your ecommerce business can witness overwhelming growth.
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