What Is the Best Way to Rank Local Businesses in Local SEO?

Show your audience your presence on Google and be available on Google Maps. Remember, this is largely a mobile-driven world; currently, there are more than 6.5 billion smartphones worldwide, so make your website flexible and adaptable for mobiles because a major chunk of traffic will be from smartphone users.

Furthermore, adding a voice search feature to your website and applying long-tailed keywords greatly help. Also, timely addressal of your user comments and reviews and building suitable backlinks will make the website trustworthy and reputable. In this blog, you will find all of this explained in a detailed and simpler way.

But why does applying Local SEO matter? With Local SEO you can give voice to your brand, shine in cut-throat competition, enhance your reputation, build your credibility, and, most importantly, boost your sales and take assistance in getting organic traffic. Now, let’s start learning about the ways to get higher rankings in Local SEO.

The Best Ways to Rank Your Local Business Higher in Local SEO

Remember, the more haste we make to get visible online, the better it will be for us. Here are the best ways to rank your business using Local SEO-

1. Get on Google Business Profile

As per Moz, it is one of the top factors that Google considers for allowing your inclusion in Snack Pack and Organic results. Moreover, if you want your visibility on Google Maps, you have to make an account on Google My Business website. Provide every correct detail about your business on the dashboard. 

After that, your business profile will be created, and you can then see your presence on Google Search Knowledge Panel, Google Search Results, and Google Maps. It would be better if you could add a lot of diverse photos of your business. You can even post regular updates about your business. More importantly, provide your correct address and phone number.

2. Mobile SEO

85% of the world population have smartphones, Statista says. Not only this, 60% of the smartphone users contacted businesses using online search results. Now, you know why mobile SEO is important. Google also prefers those websites that are well-optimised for mobile SEO. 

Keep your fonts big, your website adaptable, loading speed fast, and information relevant. It reserves the potential to boost your business, increase your SEO score, and attract organic traffic. In simple words, optimising mobile SEO cannot be overlooked. You have to do this if you want your business to grow online.

3. Voice Search

With increased internet speed and the arrival of chatbots such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc, this method of searching is increasingly getting a wider audience. Now, people use their voice to search on the internet rather than traditional text typing. 

As a result, businesses and websites are using long-tailed keywords to achieve traffic and allowing the feature of voice assistant in their websites. As per Softbrick AI, a European tech company, Google has witnessed a 78% increase in voice search from 2021 to 2022. Thus, voice search is a dominant SEO trend, and successful businesses are increasingly adopting it.

4. Customer Reviews and Comments

Addressing customer reviews and comments of your customers on your website enhances your business value and helps you earn trust. Therefore, you should give feedback and answer most of the comments, even if they are negative. Also, try to get reviews on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Thus, the more reviews and comments you have, the better the chances your prospective customer will approach you because 88% of customers believe online reviews as much as personal recommendations, as per a BrightLocal survey. Furthermore, as per a report revealed by PowerReviews, over 99.9% of customers read reviews before shopping online.

5. Make Perfect Local Backlinks and Keywords

Attaching backlinks and mentioning appropriate keywords in applying SEO is very important. Backlinks give legitimacy to your website and rightful local keywords attract a huge local traffic. 

You must try convincing reputable local area companies to use your link as a source for a particular topic.

It will boost your visibility and enhance your reputation as a strong local player. Remember, keywords for every local place are a little different; take the help of Google Keyword Planner. It suggests rightful keywords and also lets you know the behaviour and preferences of your customers. Furthermore, don’t forget to apply those keywords in your meta tags and URLs.

6. Enhance Your Reach

Get your business available on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please take note that every platform has its unique form of audience; therefore, enhance the reach of your business by making an account on all of them. Furthermore, the best thing is these platforms can be used to judge and know the preferences and behaviours of the masses. 

To do this, you can see their analytics or insights section, and with this data, you can define the preferences of a particular place. Moreover, these social media portals are excessively consumed by people, which gives your business a higher level of opportunities to get orders or enhance visibility. Thus, your goal should be to be active on as many media platforms as you can. The more your reach is, the better the chances to turn prospective customers into successful leads.


Local SEO is an untapped opportunity for small businesses, and the best way to rank your local business is by applying SEO effectively. Making a Google business account, addressing customer reviews and comments, enhancing the reach of your business by registering on different social media portals, building stronger backlinks, and using long-tailed keywords with voice search enabled on your website can give you a sharp edge over your competitors. 

However, all of this requires professionalism and expertise; it would be better if you take guidance from someone who has experience and whom you can trust. Get in touch with Rankingeek, a pioneer who has specialised teams that give effective results with precision. Contact us today!

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