Why Is SEO Not Working on My Website? What Should You Do Now?

SEO is crucial for getting an appearance in SERPs (search engine results pages). If you think you have done everything right, even implemented the right strategies, but still, your SEO is not working, or you are not getting the traffic. Worse, you do not know where you are lacking. Well, you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we will cover all of the possible mistakes you may be making or where you require correction. 

However, if it’s been just a year since you started posting your content, take note that attracting traffic in this business takes a little time, from weeks to a year. Don’t lose hope and give it some time, and you will find it working after sometime. But still, if you think something is wrong going on, then this blog comes in handy for you.

Top Reasons for Bad SEO

The right implementation of SEO requires professional knowledge. Here are the top reasons why your SEO is not working.

1. Irrelevant Content

No matter how well you have written or how well your blog serves information, the Search engine’s algorithms would find it useless if it lacks relevance or does not provide an adequate answer to user queries. Viewers will find your content monotonous, and Google will demote your website. Moreover, your headlines and subheadings should not be too long or too short. They must be plain, simple, enticing, and at the same time address the user’s search.

Also, remember the format of the blog must be proper and attractive. Thus, you have to develop not only the content of top-quality but also discover attractive ways of serving it. Irrelevant content might be the top reason for your SEO not working.

2. No Backlinks

Building backlinks is a very important process as they give your website legitimacy. Additionally, backlinks from reputed websites enhance authority. Hence, having them is a core part of implementing top-quality SEO. To get them, you may inform reputed websites of their broken backlinks or URLs, at the same time suggesting they attach your webpage. 

Remember, there is nothing better than any reputed platform or site that shows you as a source or mentions a link to your website. Interestingly, there is a very high probability that this may be one of the main causes of your SEO not working.

3. Technical Issues

Eighty percent of internet users can only wait for 3 seconds for the opening of your website. The loading speed of your website, its design, and its development matter a lot to the user and help decide whether to stay or not. Google wants to enrich the user experience and generate trust. 

But a slow website running with many technical issues degrades it. As a result, you find yourself off the first page. Therefore, it makes the experience of the website smoother and makes it super fast. Albeit, if you find yourself incapable of doing web development services, you may seek the expertise of someone. 

4. Over Optimisation

The old days when people could get ranked higher by using content of no value, filled with excessive keywords, have gone. There was a time when top-ranked pages were those having no content of relevance; if pages like them exist today, they will be deemed by Google as spam.

It is because the giant has now made excessive changes in its way of ranking websites; its policies have now shifted to enhancing user experience by giving top-quality content as per user intent. It is so dedicated to this direction that it has even introduced the use of AI if it can help bloggers create top-quality content. 

5. Not Following EEAT Guidelines

If your content is not as per Google’s expectations, then forget about landing on the first page. You can’t even get adequate organic traffic. Now, what are Google’s expectations? Well, in 2022, Google’s latest guidelines came out to aware creators. In that lengthy blog, the giant has specified that EEAT means Expertise, Experience, Authority, and trustworthiness. It suggested adding in your content the presence of expertise and your experience.

Combining them with the proper implementation of technical SEO would help you ramp up traffic and develop your authority. Google engine crawlers, when they find your content relevant, regard you as an expert in your field and suggest your content to more and more people. Additionally, adding logos of your clients and partners and on-time address of comments and reviews on your website helps you earn trust. 

6. No Target Audience

Before writing, you must know for whom you are addressing or writing. It would be best if you did thorough research before starting to write. Various tools and features of programs can be harnessed to get a gist of your target masses. Look at your data from the most viral posts and the posts that have the most likes or comments, and analyse them to find out their behaviours, preferences, and intents.

Remember, to provide top-quality content, you must develop content that has the potential to satiate the needs and queries. If you can figure out what your masses want, then no one can inhibit you from achieving stunning growth and never in the future face the problem of SEO not working.

7. No Adaptability 

The world is changing fast, and at the same time, new kinds of revolutions have been going on, such as AI and the storming speed of the internet. Moreover, the arrival and increase of new platforms like Bing Prometheus and YouTube, respectively, are changing ways of searching the internet.

Therefore, using these, people generate content having more engagement and productivity than the content solely produced by human efforts and brain power. Change is the rule of nature; those who adapt with remains and those who avoid diminishes, rightfully applicable in business also. 


SEO is a complex process that requires adequate knowledge of the field and professionalism, and the lack of these results in the implementation of bad SEO. The top reasons for SEO not working for your website might be not attaching high-quality backlinks, making irrelevant content, avoidance of EEAT guidelines, etc.

Remember, SEO requires having expertise or proper guidance. Therefore It would be best if you hand over this segment of your business activity to a reputed agency having specialised teams to give it a touch of professionalism. Get in touch with Rankingeek. Contact us today!

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