Will the Same Content Re-Editing Affect SEO Ranking?

The answer to this question can be yes or no. It depends on the changes you want to make in your blog and where your blog stands in SEO rankings. How much traffic is it attracting? And lastly, what is the reason for your change? In this blog, you will encounter effective tips for re-editing SEO content. Learning these tips helps you make your business thrive. So, let’s start-

A gamut amount of content is present on the internet, and that makes it utterly competitive. With this background, if your blog is ranked high or gets a lot of traffic, editing it requires subtle knowledge and experience; all of your fortunes may be lost if you don’t know what things you should consider before starting to edit any blog.

Tips to Edit the Same Content Without Affecting SEO

Here are the top tips you must follow to get the implementation of SEO positively –

1. Keyword Research 

You must emphasise the core and relevant keywords of your niche, and you should also think about what keywords your competitors are using. The Google console can come in handy; it can give you suggestions for potential keywords. Remember not to over-repeat the words; it will degrade your overall content. Now, if the blog that you consider re-editing is ranked higher, then there is a very high chance it will lose its rankings. Therefore, it’s better if you make as few corrections as you can.

2. Change the Outdated Content

As per google guidelines, the search engine prefers fresh content over outdated one. So, if your blog contains some facts or dynamic details mentioned, it would be best if you change them before Google demotes you. Furthermore, if the niche of your blog is related to YMYL [Your Money Your Life], then be cautious. The search engine is very selective as well as sensitive to the facts related to YMYL content. Thus, for better rankings, edit the facts and the outdated information.

3. Understanding User Intent

One of Google’s core principles is to enrich user experience and provide top-quality content for its masses. Therefore, find what your audience’s behaviours, preferences, and likes are or give the exact answer to the user query. Also, take note if the content or answer for the query demands a short answer, but you have given a very long answer, then google crawlers will deem it of insignificant value, hence impacting your overall SEO score. You can take inspiration from what your competitors have provided.

4. Broken Links & Typos

They reduce the reputation of your website and depreciate the trust of your users. No matter how skillfully you have written the content or how informative your content is. If you are suffering from broken links, then you will witness severe repercussions such as reduced traffic and decreased reputation. To make matters worse, if the user also finds typos, then your image is totally decimated. Therefore, always use software such as Grammarly, quillbot, etc.; sometimes even, you will face wonderment over your mistakes. Moreover, if the blog that you are going to re-edit is popular, then try avoiding rewriting sentences instead of improving the existing structures.

5. Analysing CTR

CTR of your blog can be increased by making your meta title and meta description concise but attractive. Most people face loss of CTR [Click through-rates] owing to rising competition and lack of knowledge. You can re-edit your meta tags to achieve larger traffic by making and transforming your tags attractive as well as engaging. Remember, your meta tags say a lot about your blog and are the first to catch the user’s eye. Improve your meta tags as they reserve the potential to affect SEO positively.

6. Variety of Content

Search engines prefer one page per keyword. Hence, If it finds similar or duplicate content on your website, all of your hard work will fail. Therefore, the presence of a variety of content on your website matters a lot. Assume you have written content on “How to drive a car,” and then you have another blog, “How to drive a car skillfully.” then the material and keywords of both of the blogs would overlap. Hope you now understand the prospect of using the same keywords. Hence, duplicate content endangers the success of your blog’s popularity, thereby affecting SEO negatively.

7. Organise the Structure and Format

For making a better understanding and for making content appealing, the layout and structure of your blog are important. You can re-edit it, which may give a boost to your organic traffic and enhance the reading experience of your users. Your content should flow smoothly and logically, with clear and simple headings and subheadings and relevant content described easily. Thus, reorganisation of the format of your blog can result in a boon for elevating your content.

8. Accuracy of Content

The facts, information and details you have mentioned in your blog should be up to date and true, more legitimate if backed by authentic names and links of the sources. It would help you gain a reputation, and in the long term, it will enhance the trustworthiness of your website. So, during re-editing, check if the content you have written is misleading or inaccurate. Websites that give misleading and inaccurate information just to rank higher are deemed spam by Google. And its software, such as Spambrain, is out to arrest these tactics and practices. Thus, look at whether your content stands true or has turned misleading.


Content re-editing affects SEO in both ways – negatively as well as positively. You need to be highly vigilant if you are re-editing content that draws huge traffic and is popular. It would be best if you look for rightful and effective keywords, User-centric content, rightful and appealing format and headings, Links and typos, etc, during the re-editing process. The focus on boosting engagement and keeping content updated also cannot be overlooked.

However, it would be better if all of this re-editing is done under the guise of someone having experience, expertise and specialised teams, solely for the smooth execution of this work. Get in touch with Rankingeek, a pioneer who fits all of these standards. Contact us today!

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